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Le Serbet

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Welcome to the new Becky Wasserman website. It has been given a vitamin C makeover, a new look, and the contents are now substantial. Hopefully, it will be of use to both members of the wine trade and members of the public who have a leaning towards wines and champagnes produced by small domaines and negošiants.

We now list just about all of the properties we represent in both North America and other markets. There are a select few that we can only sell from a riverboat descending the Mississippi or a remote Hebrides island off the coast of Scotland. We have a wonderful bouquet of grower champagnes, glorious wines from the South of France, we joyfully wander the Loire Valley, and we rest faithful to our Beaujolais producers whose gamays are produced from vines planted eighty and ninety years ago.

Personal commentaries will continue to appear in Ask Aunt Becky, State of the Nation, and I am very tempted by the new form of communication called BLOGS. However, other Wassermans, sons Peter and Paul, will also be writing about the domaines and credits will be given whenever appropriate.

The site is not yet complete and we would ask you to be indulgent.

Cheers, santÚ, and warm regards,

Becky Wasserman Hone